Spark kids' love for Christ with this Online Art Course for ages 4-8 designed to take teaching the Catholic faith from complicated & boring to easy & engaging... with a creative twist!


"My kids are begging for more!"

"Since we homeschool, having these art lessons done with step-by-step videos has been very impactful for my children. They truly think of Marisa as their art teacher and look forward to watching her videos and what she’s going to teach them next. Doing this program has made all of us look forward to our art day each week! My kids are begging for more."


Bring little hearts and minds closer to Christ confidently through art.



“It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a whole community of people dedicated to God to raise a Saint.

I believe this course has been created for that reason, to help you expand your faith village and knowledge to raise a small Saint using what brings us closer to the beauty of God and his creation: art.” 

Fr. Dawid 

Pastor of St. Anne Catholic Church 

Richmond Hill


You're frustrated with the outside noise of society, and you want to help kids know Jesus better, but you don't know where to begin.


There's nothing more frustrating than wanting to get children excited about their Catholic faith, only to feel like you never have the right resources and never actually follow through with making faith-filled activities a priority with them. And there's nothing more disheartening than having them dread going to Mass--only to have you feel like there's really nothing else you can do than just get through it until they are older and hope it gets better.

Maybe you've even tried using Bible coloring books, sending them to religious education classes or including them more in prayer looking to spark engagement.

And yet, it's not quite working.

What if there was a way for YOU to bring kids closer to God through ways that are on their level and that they will actually enjoy?

"This has sparked sweet conversations and built confidence!"

"The clear and organized method to completing these projects has taken out all the stress, which is a 'must' for me. Spending time together and creating something beautiful helps turn little hearts and minds to Christ. It has sparked sweet conversations and built confidence. This art program makes it easy to be present, because all the work of the projects is done for me."

 –ANN R.

Hi there, I'm Marisa!

And I want to help you teach kids about Christ through one thing kids love... ART!

As a devout Catholic, busy wife and mother, art and religious education teacher with a Master's degree, I found myself wondering if I was doing enough to foster my girls' love for Jesus.

And yet, I've learned that even though it can be discouraging how the world seems to be praising the ways of man over the ways of God like never before, the best thing you can do is to turn your energy and focus to your children. They are the future generation!

My ultimate goal is for you to be able to use art as a way to ENGAGE children in the Catholic faith. No art skills required! This art teacher has you covered and will show you how simple, yet impactful it can be for you and your child or students.


Join the hundreds of We Believe students and start creating today!

"This is the game changer that I needed!"

"This has been the best thing for my students since I started teaching Kindergarten religion. This is the game changer that I needed. Students are able to articulate the different parts of the prayer based off of the art projects that they complete. You have brought new life and excitement into my religion curriculum and I am so THANKFUL."



An inspiring art course that creates faith-filled moments for kids that spark creativity AND love for Christ.

We Believe is an inspired online faith-based art program featuring 6 different art projects (one per week) and a special bonus lesson, designed for Catholic families, homeschool parents or teachers to create art with children ages 4-8 that give children an overview of important pillars of the Catholic faith using the Apostles' Creed as a guide.

You will have access to the course workbooks that will help keep you organized, video presentations to walk you through the art and Scripture references to make strong faith connections and spark kid-friendly conversations about God.

You'll come away with seven beautiful faith-based art projects that help children to visually explore and more easily understand what we believe as Catholics.

If you find yourself wanting to do more to nurture children's faith in ways that are on their level, this is an opportunity that I promise you will not want to miss.

"This program truly blessed my family!"

"This course was so well put together and easy to follow: exactly what I would want as a homeschooling mom. Now my kids have an interest in making art to mirror liturgical events/seasons. They now have the supplies (the kwik stix were a big hit!) and their creativity seems higher after getting ideas from the program. Thank you so much for taking the time to make such a comprehensive and beautiful art program. It has truly blessed my family!"

 –ROSE M.–